Call for papers, II Congreso Latinoamericano de Práctica Artística como Investigación, UC-Chile

5 de febrero de 2024

Until May 31, 2024, applicants may submit proposals for works that are framed within Práctica Artística como Investigación, as long as they account for the production of knowledge through various fields of artistic, academic and artistic practice. non-academic.

The Dirección de Investigación, Creación y Postgrado from the Arts Faculty, UC-Chile, is pleased to announce its "II Congreso Latinoamericano de Práctica Artística como Investigación", which will take place between October 2-4, 2024 in Santiago, at Centro de Extensión, Campus Oriente UC-Chile.

Artist-researchers – both with university affiliation or independent – and postgraduate students are invited to disseminate work framed as Practice as Research or Artistic Research, as they account to produce knowledge through various fields of both academic and non-academic artistic practice.

Although the terms ‘Practice as Research’ or ‘Artistic Research’ partly resist a closed and absolute definition, this conference seeks to make visible the epistemological richness and methodological plurality inherent in lines of artistic/academic inquiry through investigations that:

  • Present clear and explicit research questions, as well as a consistent methodological design to address them.
  • Present questions that are answered through artistic practice, even when they are complemented with other types of knowledge.
  • Put the process over the artistic product.
  • Present artistic practice itself as problematization, that is, practices that question norms, assumptions, and established ways of understanding the various artistic manifestations.
  • Aim, as their ultimate objective, to produce new knowledge beyond the artistic result that occurs after the investigation.

Investigations that merely document or record artistic processes with an artistic product in mind, but that do not fall within these operational definitions, would have no place in the conference. However, theoretical work will be considered indeed, as they address epistemological, methodological, ontological and/or ethical problems regarding artistic practice and research, as well as their relationship with different disciplines of knowledge.

Call for papers

The II Congreso Latinoamericano de Práctica Artística como Investigación calls for proposals to be submitted in the following formats:

  1. An oral presentation, individual or group, lasting 20 minutes + 10 minutes of discussion, that reports on an artistic research project.
  2. A perfo-conference (performing arts) or lecture-recital (music), individual or group, lasting up to 30 minutes + 10 minutes of discussion, which reflects an artistic research project. Consider that the sample of artistic practice cannot exceed more than half of the total time of the presentation.
  3. A round table, with a maximum of three participants with a coordinator, with a duration of 20 minutes for each presentation (60 minutes in total) and 20 minutes of final discussion, reporting on artistic research around a common axis.

These presentations will be held in presence at the Auditorium of Centro de Extensión Oriente.

Each proposal must be sent to the email: postgradoartes@uc.cl, with the subject “conference 2024”, with a, attached PDF document containing:

  1. Title of the proposal (indicating the presentation category).
  2. Names, emails and institutional affiliation (if applicable) of the participants.
  3. Three to five keywords.
  4. Summary of 300-400 words including objectives, research question(s), methodology and contribution of the artistic research.
  5. A 100-150 word CV of each participant.
  6. Technical requirements of the proposal.


The official language of the conference is Spanish, although sessions in English and Portuguese are contemplated.

Last deadline for submitting proposals: June 14, 2024.

Acceptance notification: July 1, 2024.

For questions about the call, please contact: Diego Castro, dcastrom@uc.cl


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