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2 de febrero de 2024

Until April 29, authors will be able to send their contributions to the magazine Artexégesis: prácticas artísticas e investigación, a transdisciplinary online magazine about artistic practice and research belonging to the Faculty of Arts at Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile.


Call for papers for journal Artexégesis: prácticas artísticas e investigación 

Faculty of Arts, Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile 

No. 2 (2024) 


Artexégesis: prácticas artísticas e investigación, a transdisciplinary online journal on artistic practice and research from the Faculty of Arts at Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile invites artist/researchers to submit original articles (in Spanish, Portuguese or English) to be considered for our next issue, to be published during the second semester of 2024.

For this second edition of the journal, we will receive articles and essays on any type of artistic research, from any region of the world - even if Artexégesis focuses predominantly on Chile and, more broadly, Latin America.  


The Journal understands Practice as Research (Artistic Research or Research-Creation) projects as types of research which:   

  • Present clear and explicit research questions and a consistent methodological design.  
  • These questions must be answered through practice, even when complemented by other types of knowledge.  
  • They privilege the process over the result, and problematize the artistic practice itself (i.e., practices that question norms, assumptions and established ways of understanding the various artistic manifestations).  
  • As an ultimate goal, they intend to produce new knowledge (embodied and/or practical) beyond the artistic result that occurs after the research.   
  • Articles that document or focus on artistic processes with the production of a work in view but that do not fall within these operational definitions would not fall within the journal’s scope.  

We encourage the submission of two types of articles: firstly, articles on the results of practical, inter, and/or transdisciplinary artistic research, and secondly, theoretical articles and/or essays on epistemological and methodological problems related to artistic practice and research, as well as their relationship with different disciplines. Since this is a journal about artistic practice and research, it will be possible to attach all kinds of files that support or accompany the exegesis (photographs, videos, audio files, code, etc.; for specifications about the types of files, see instructions for publication).  

Submitted articles are evaluated using the Open-Peer Review system, i.e., all parties' identities are known at all times during the evaluation process to reduce the possibility of conflicts of interest and encourage rich and beneficial feedback to the authors.   


Instructions for submission 

Authors should send their contributions, in Spanish, Portuguese, or English, of between 5,000 to 10,000 words to the e-mails dcastrom@uc.cl (journal director) and appelegr@uc.cl (editor in chief), with the subject "article submission n°2-2024" until April 29, 2024. All the necessary information for authors can be found in this link. If you have any questions, please contact the editor-in-chief, appelegr@uc.cl.  



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